TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili’s press office Monday announced that the Public Registry has finally registered the movement ‘Georgian Dream.’

An hour earlier, they announced that the Civil Registry had refused to register Georgian Dream.

“An hour after releasing the [first] press statement the Civil Registry registered the public movement ‘Georgian dream’. This information was published on the civil registry website today at 15:04,” the statement says. ”We remind you once again that we have been waiting for a reply from the Civil Registry confirming the registration confirmation since November 24.”

Ivanishvili’s press office notes that it has taken longer than normal to get an answer from the registry.

“Civil Registry was obliged to register the public movement ‘Georgian Dream’ at the same day of the appeal (24/11/2011); or inform the appealer of the shortcomings in the documents,” the press-office special statement says.

At the beginning of October the Georgian businessman unexpectedly announced that he is entering politics to set up a political movement with the aim of forming a government after parliamentary elections in October 2012. A few days later Bidzina Ivanishvili’s citizenship was revoked following a special presidential decree. This means that he won’t be allowed to engage in any political activities in the country and won’t be able to finance political parties.

Ivanishvili’s lawyers are now involved in legal wrangling to reclaim Ivanishvili’s Georgian citizenship, pursuing several avenues, working both through the courts and directly towards the president.

Later it was announced that there was to be held a presentation of the new public movement ‘Georgian Dream’ in Tbilisi concert hall, but it was postponed.

“It is yet another attempt of the government of illegal discrimination of a political opponent, which is a clear example of political persecution and violation of the law,” Ivanishvili’s press office first statement Monday said.