TBILISI, DFWatch–A woman from Moscow Oblast, who caused great anger among Vladimir Putin supporters by kicking out a Russian soldier fighting against Ukraine from her coffee shop, has moved to Tbilisi with only ‘two bags’, leaving behind a chain of coffee shops.

“I love my home, but I think that it’s better for me to be alive and well at a distance than for my mom to carry for me crackers in SIZO [pre-trial detention center],” Alena Polyakevich wrote on social networks, adding that she would have never thought that “life would fit into two bags, and I’ll have to go somewhere far just to be freer.”

Alena Polyakevich had to leave Russia after a criminal case was opened against her for “inciting hatred” due to a post on X, formerly Twitter, where she explains why she kicked out a soldier from her coffee shop in Lyubertsy, Moscow suburb. In it, the owner of the ‘Strong Coffee’ says that she had to kick out a military from the establishment because of his rude behavior in a course of which he disturbed barista and customers.

“Without shouting, without swearing or anything else, I just asked to leave the premises,” she says.

Polyakevich had to close her chain of coffee shops, leave her two cats and urgently migrate to Tbilisi.

“02/24/24 I did what I had to do, however, any pride has consequences, so I left my native and beloved country […] I was augmented my small business for 10 years, and I would never have thought that life would fit into two bags and that I would have to go somewhere far away just to be freer.”

According to Polyakevich, she has already rented an apartment in Georgia, opened an account at a local bank and got a job at a coffee shop.