TBILISI, DFWatch — A lawyers group’s has won a lawsuit against the Georgian parliament.

Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) protested the law about operative investigations, which gave power to observe and participate in open and closed internet relationships.

Observe an internet relationship means to get open information which is available to everyone who has access to the internet.

In practice this means that interior ministry employees will engage in internet relationships and become member of closed groups, participates in private dialogues and obtain information. This does not need the permission from a court, unless if for observing private conversations, for which such permission is necessary.

The plaintiff protested that for operation investigation a person could observe private conversation without a court’s permission and this violates the constitution’s first paragraph in the 20. article, which guarantees the right to privacy.

The constitutional court concluded that the disputed norm does not completely guarantee privacy and agreed with GYLA’s lawsuit.

The court determined that the norm contradicts the constitution’s first paragraph, 20. article.

GYLA thinks that after the constitutional court’s decision privacy on the internet will be more protected.