TBILISI, DFWatch – The leader of the Republicans for the last two years, David Usupashvili, was reelected Wednesday by 600 party delegates in a secret ballot at a specially gathered party congress.

The to party’s charter requires there to be a congress held once a year, at which the party leadership is chosen.

A new computer program had been created especially for this meeting, and it was the first time electronic elections were held using the program.

By secret ballot, republicans chose a new 30-member committee from 61 candidates and a 5-member audit commission from 10 candidates at yesterday’s congress, which was the fourteenth party congress. David Usupashvili was reelected party leader, taking on his third period at the helm of the party. Members explain the outcome with the fact that Usupashvili has a high approval rating in the party.

The new leader promised that the Republican party will soon be a player in an important political process.

He laid out his views on a potential partnership with businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili and the party of Irakli Alasania, and estimated that the alliance will be operational by the end of the year.

According to Usupashvili, this is no time for euphoria, because the government sees a deathly danger by Ivanishvili’s appearance on the political scene, something which will lead to serious obstacles in the time ahead.

Summing up his last two years as leader Usupashvili discussed all the harassments he claims the government has committed against its opponents.

During this period the party has had a number of problems, Usupashvili said, specifically pointing to the fact that his party has had to close most of its regional offices due to financial difficulties, which he accuses the current government for having brought about.

“The government managed to get rid of all the financiers of our party. 100-200 GEL is being transferred to the party account for the last months. I congratulate the [ruling] National Movement for this achievement; but they couldn’t achieve the most important – weaken the Republicans’ strength. We will overcome their millions with our one thousand GEL,” Usupashvili said.

The party leader thanked attendees from Tbilisi as well as from different regions of Georgia.