TBILISI, DFWatch – The Public Council of Georgia’s Public Broadcaster demands from GPB to cover news about prisoner abuse properly, otherwise they will leave their posts.

Members of the council expressed concern for what has been exposed about torture of prisoners in Georgian prisons.

They demand that the GPB properly covers the issue and that it broadcasts about the protests and what experts are saying without being selective, ‘which for the last years has become moving style of GPB’s propaganda vehicle.’

“If it continues to bloc experts and representatives of society with critical views and distorts facts and comments in information programs, if GPB won’t allocate time to free discussion about the country’s important issues in the election period, we will refuse to be members of the council,” their statement says.

They also note that despite a legislative obligation to organize meetings of the council at least twice a year, the existence of the council was just formal and they didn’t have the opportunity to observe their position. Therefore they decided to release this statement directly to the media.