TBILISI, DFWatch–Workers at the port in Poti went on strike Sunday, demanding a 14 percent pay rise.

The workers gave their bosses ten days to comply with their demand, otherwise they threatened to completely paralyze the functioning of the port.

On Tuesday, the term expired, and the workers followed through on their threat. It was their second protest over the last few days.

Gocha Cheminava, a head of shift at the port, told Intepressnews that the strike includes workers at the seventh and fourteenth berth, operators, the registration department and fleet employees.

Marika Nadaraia from the port administration said the workers didn’t tell the company about the strike in advance, which is required by law, so their action is illegal.

She said it is not clear if the strikers’ demand will be met, but she added that the hours workers were absent because of the strike will be considered leave without permission.

Several hundred workers gathered at one of the berths on Tuesday. They say if salaries aren’t increased the strike will continue.