TBILISI, DFWatch – Political parties in Georgia are ready to agree with rules of conduct prepared by the campaign This Affects You Too intended to secure a peaceful, fair and competitive electoral environment before the October 1 parliamentary election.

The ruling party said that it will agree with the rules of conduct if the campaign clarifies a few issues. Opposition parties had some remarks too.

The campaign This Affects You Too has put forth new revised rules of conduct to the parties.

The main focus is on violence. Political parties should not call on their supporters to carry out violence. They should abstain from hate speech and solve every disagreement peacefully.

Parties should not bribe voters and use administrative resources for their own election goals.

The campaign paid attention to the media too. According to the rules, political parties should ensure equal working conditions for all media outlets and prevent journalists from being pressured. Also, the agreement does not allow political parties to use media for their goals and to spread disinformation.

The same responsibilities apply to government bodies. They are obliged to protect media from pressure and provide safe working conditions.

All TV channels should be broadcast without any hindrance, because the voters should have diverse information about election candidates.

The campaign This Affects You Too said that it’s important to put the agreement into force immediately and that the rules can be modified later in the process.