TBILISI, DFWatch–The head of the police department and his deputy at one of the regions in Georgia on Sunday beat investigator Roman Korshia.

He required medical assistance. The participants in the incidents are not commenting.

An investigation was launched after Rustavi 2 TV interviewed an employee of the police department in Mestia, Zviad Chanturia. He said he witnessed what happened on Sunday.

The Interior Ministry is the most powerful and misbalanced body in Georgia, which  has functions that are unusual in democratic states.

This system became powerful while Mikheil Saakashvili was in power, when every law enforcement body was united with the Interior Ministry, except the Defense Ministry. The misbalanced body remained a subject of criticism and even though the  current government also criticized it while in opposition, the system remained the same after the change of government.

A criminal investigation has been launched intothe incident in Mestia and the Prosecutor’s Office in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti is investigating it.  The General Inspection has started a domestic inquest into the case and on Sunday questioned everyone involved.

According to Chanturia, he personally witnessed how the head of police, Giorgi Samarghanishvili, and his deputy Giorgi Japaridze hit the investigator, when he fell. He said Korshia had facial injuries. Chanturia even says during the quarrel he also got hit, while the deputy head of the police department threatened him.

Daniel Ratiani, Director of Mestia Hospital, confirmed that Korshia has facial injuries. Korshia came to the hospital saying he had a fight. He has stiches on his face and refused to submit to additional examination and later left the hospital.

Interior Minister Alexandre Chikaidze says that an investigation has been launched and he cannot say anything about it until the investigation is finished.

The Interior Ministry’s press office also denied DF Watch comment, and said that it is necessary to wait until the investigation is finished.