TBILISI, DFWatch – Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri claims that “hundred and thousand times more investors are planning to come into Georgia”, because they trust Georgia more than Eastern Europe countries, Greece and Italy.

He made this statement in parliament Friday at a debate regarding the government’s ’10 point plan’ held at the request of the Christian Democrats.

The Prime Minister said a Standard & Poor’s report indicated that the country has moved forward.

“Because of this single report, hundreds and thousands times more investors are going to come to Georgia who have big amounts of money, and they cannot invest in the traditional countries at the time, because of various reasons, and they’re looking for new markets,” the Prime Minister claimed.

“Our Eurobonds are traded on more than the Eastern European countries’ Eurobonds.” This indicates an increased trust in Georgia, according to the PM.

“So the trust of the international investor is much higher towards Georgia, than towards Eastern European countries, towards Greece or Italy,” Gilauri said.