Patriarch Ilia II is looking forward to a fair election and called for people to vote. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – The Georgian patriarch on Sunday stated that he expects Monday’s election to be without fraud and that people will vote for who they want.

Numerous polls have shown Patriarch Illia II to be the most trusted person in Georgia, scoring higher than the president, the army, the police, and any other individual in public life.

He said this has been the most difficult election campaign so far, which indicates the huge importance of tomorrow’s election.

“The Romans said, ‘the voice of the people, the voice of God’. Peace and calmness should be retained, of course and this election should be conducted fairly,” the patriarch said.

“Fairness is the ground of peace and we ask God to bless us with the wisdom to defend justice. We should remember that God is behind us, heavenly Georgia and our homeland. If there are violations, what should we tell to ancestors. They won’t forgive us,” he said.

The patriarch expressed his hope that the election will be conducted in peace, that there will be no resistance and the one people trust most will win.

He called for emigrants and citizens in Georgia to go and vote tomorrow.