TBILISI, DFWatch – The opposition Georgian Dream party accuses government of attempting to legally falsify the parliamentary election.

One of the coalition’s lawyers Zakaria Kutsnashvili said Thursday that the amended election code regulates the issue of voters differently for those who have been removed from the list. The new regulation was written into the election code in July 2012. The new version states that voters who were taken off the list for the local elections in 2010 still remain on the voters list now and will have to vote on the same district.

“This regulation contradicts the main principles of the voters’ registration on the list. According to this, a citizen who was removed from the list by decision of the justice ministry no more has the right to be on the voters’ list,” Zakaria Kutsnashvili says.

He explains that the main goal of the state commission which checks voters list is to reveal fictive voters and remove them from the list. The reason may be the following: those voters are registered with fake IDs or are registered without permission of the owner of the house with which address they are registered. Accordingly, the lawyer considers that there is no point in revealing such people if they are not taken off the list and they will remain on the same address and have right to vote.

Kutsnashivli thinks the election code should be amended.

“A person who was denied registration on the grounds of an owner’s appeal or the justice ministry shouldn’t appear on the list at the old address. There are 189 000 people with such data. Voters who sold their houses and are still on the list with old addresses can participate in elections by new factual address and can register by agreement of the owners, but if they do not have such address or owner doesn’t agree, they will register without address.”

The lawyers have asked the Central Election Commission (CEC) to provide a list categorized by districts in order to compare with the results of a door-to-door survey, but the CEC rejected the idea.

August 17, the Georgian Dream coalition will hand over its report from a door-to-door survey to the state commission which works on the voters’ list, because they discovered four errors in the list – dead voters, people who aren’t on the list, people, who were removed from the list in 2010 and people who live abroad.