TBILISI, DFWatch – A group of U.S. Senators headed by John McCain have arrived in Georgia.

Among the delegation are also Joseph Liberman and Lindsey Graham.

During a press conference at the U.S. embassy McCain said the delegation wants to see a free and fair election which will also be recognized by groups that do not win.

He said he assumed that it is possible that the election results may be disputed after October 1. NDI, IRI and OSCE missions are already in Georgia and their assessment of the election will have influence on how the US views it, McCain said.

The senator said they do not favor any of candidates but are proud of Georgia’s progress.

Lindsay Graham noted that Georgia has firm support in the U.S. Congress. He also recalled a recent visit to Afghanistan where he met with Georgian soldiers.

Graham said democracy is working in the country, as people they met were all talking about some complaints against each other.

“I thought I was in the USA,” he said. He called on everyone to participate in elections as it is an opportunity to elect one’s own leadership.

“I will reveal my wish,” Graham said, “I want Georgia to become a member of NATO, you deserve this.”

The delegation already held meeting with Giga Bokeria, Secretary of the Security Council. Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Deputy Minister for Euro and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Deputy Interior Minister and Deputy Justice minister attended the meeting.

Topics for the meeting were bilateral relations of USA-Georgia, Georgia’s progress on the way of NATO integration, current situation in regards of security in the region, situation on occupied territories and also issues related with upcoming parliament election of October 1.

Senators also met with Christian Democrats. Meeting was closed for journalists. All the leaders of party attended the meeting. After meeting they told journalists that main topics were election environment, international challenges, views and programs of CDM.

After meeting with Georgian Dream coalition leaders, Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the coalition said that US Senators clearly understood that ‘everything is a lie what Mikheil Saakashvili talks about him.’

He said meeting was very interesting. They introduced position of Georgian Dream and informed about current reality.

Tycoon said Senators also got interested with his biography.

“Especially what Saakashvili talks about my property in Russia. I told McCain that famous American Fund purchased my last property in Russia yesterday. It is about property in agriculture sector. They saw very well that it is a lie that Saakashvili says I am agent of Kremlin.”

Georgian Dream informed senators about cases of lies and violence.

Senator McCain said Ivanishvili told them he broke all ties with Russia and they accept his words. He said coalition leader wants democracy in the country, free country, which will be NATO member. He said people will have to make choice.