The TV tower in Tbilisi was lit in the colors of the French flag on Friday in a show of solidarity after the terror attack. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–One Georgian citizen is reported missing after the terrorist attack in Nice, the Georgian ambassador to France has confirmed. The man’s wife, who is not a Georgian citizen, is confirmed dead.

Moambe, the evening news program on Georgia’s Channel 1, spoke a few minutes ago with Ambassador Eka Siradze Delone, who said that the embassy has just received a call informing that a Georgian citizen is missing.

Delone didn’t identify the missing man, but said his wife has been confirmed dead and that she has information that both of them were in Nice yesterday during the attack.

The ambassador said that the missing Georgian is not yet on the list of injured or dead, but that only a third of the victims have been identified so far and that he might be among the victims, but she expressed hope that he is still alive.

She said that they received only two calls on the hotline throughout the day, one about four missing Georgians. Later all four were discovered safely. The ambassador said that the four are not Georgian citizens but ethnic Georgians.

The second call concerned a missing person.

Delone said she does not have information about how many Georgians live in Nice, but that a lot of Georgians live in southern France and there may have been many Georgian tourists or students at the scene of this third major terrorist attack France has seen since january 2015.