TBILISI, DFWatch–One man died and one was injured in an execution style shooting in central Tbilisi on Friday.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested a man born in 1981 who is charged with premeditated murder and illegally carrying a weapon.

The accused fired multiple shots at two men who were seated in a car in Vake district, killing one of them.

The perpetrator immediately went into hiding, but was soon arrested. The police also found his gun.

A video from the surveillance camera was posted online. It shows the cold-blooded assassination.

A black car drives past some traffic lights and is approached by a man who shoots several times, then comes closer to the driver and fires more shots.

The shooter appears to be wearing a cloth around his head and is moving quickly around the front of the car, shooting toward the front seats from different angles.

The deceased Soso Jokhadze is known to the public and has prior convictions. He is the brother of a known mafia boss.

Lawyer Zakaria Chibukhashvili was injured but survived. He was taken to the Republican Hospital. He is in a serious condition with injuries in the chest region.

Jokhadze’s body is now at the national forensic bureau.