Mohammad Reza Noruzi is PhD in Public Policy and Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, and a policy adviser for the private sector in Iran.

After a landmark deal with the P5+1 group in Vienna, a window to the world will open up for Iran. Iranians are set to start a new era of cooperation with important global businesses in many fields.

This is bound to affect many of Iran’s economic sectors positively, such as industry, mining and the the service sector.

For instance, the French car maker Peugeot has recently returned to Tehran to start new projects, while Italian companies are starting up assembly sites, joint ventures and transfer of technology ideas.

This is a good moment for Georgia to start thinking about how to intensify cooperation with Iran, develop a shared vision and undertake efforts to prepare for the new situation in the region.

Some practical guidelines may foster this process.

Easing rules for obtaining a visa is one of them. If Georgia changes its regulations in order to ease visa procedures for Iranians, it will surely attract more Iranian businesses and investments to the country.

Furthermore, Iranian and Georgian chambers of commerce should help foster relationships between business leaders from the two countries.

Also, Iranian and Georgian government bodies should try to design “mini-policies” to facilitate cooperation and build relationships based on trust.