`TBILISI, DFWatch — A lawyers group warns about religious differences in a village in western Georgia.

The confrontation began on November 2 between Christian and Muslim Georgians in the village Nigvziani in the western part of the country.

Controversy erupted when Christian Georgians went against the building of a mosque.

The incident was recorded on video, where you can hear Christians saying: “people will not tolerate this”, “someone will be murdered” and Muslims answer, that in the 21. century everyone has their religious rights.

For 20 years, Muslim eco migrants have ben living with local residents in peace, but the situation became strained when a muslim prayer house was opened.

In Nigvziani there are living 1 300 families and over 200 muslims. There is no Mosque in the village and the muslims have no possibility to go to other villages to pray every week, as they would wish.

Three days after the incident, Eka Beselia, head of the Committee for Human Rights and Civil Integration, visited the village and met with both sides. She said that the incident was not a conflict, it was an expression of different opinions.

Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) is concerned about the situation.

The non governmental organization thinks that the rights of a religious minority was violated, and they question why the head of the Human Rights Committee said that the incident was not a human rights violation.

Irakli Gujabidze, the governor of Nigvziani said in an interview with Info9 that the government will support the majority.

GYLA thinks, that his opinion restricts the rights of a religious minority and demands the governor’s official responsibility.

According to the Georgian Constitution every person has a right to express their own belief. The government is not allowed to restrict this right. The government should protect this right from violations.

Though, according to the 7 November agreement, the chapel will not became a mosque and muslims will not gather in Nigvziani to pray.