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TBILISI, DFWatch–The man suspected of killing two police officers was pardoned in November, 2013, because the parole board thought he had put hid criminal past behind him.

Gedevan Popkhadze from the parole board said the members were sure that the suspect Shalva Abuladze wouldn’t commit crime anymore.

“I remember Abuladze served a long time in prison, almost eight years, and he had some time left to serve. We considered his case several times and he wasn’t giving the impression that he was a threat to society,” he told journalists on Monday.

Shalva Abuladze, who is suspected of murdering two policemen, one in Borjomi and one in Tbilisi, was serving a 20 years sentence for attempted murder, illegally carrying a gun and using marijuana.

He served about seven years in jail. The amnesty law reduced his sentence to half, and then he was released on November 23, 2013, after being pardoned by the parole commission.

Head of parliament’s human rights committee Eka Beselia said the suspect was not released because of the amnesty, but because he was pardoned.

She told Imedi TV that the amnesty was necessary and only six percent of those released have committed new crime.

“The amnesty didn’t concern violent crimes,” she said, adding that the law only freed offenders of less severe crimes, economic crime and drug addicts.

“When it comes to reduced sentence, I don’t know. The courts considered whom to reduce the sentence for and whom not to reduce the sentence for.”