Military type weapons including anti-tank missiles were voluntarily handed over to the police by a 44 year old Georgian man. (Police.ge.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–A Georgian citizen has voluntarily handed over a large collection of military type weapons to the police department in Tbilisi.

The impressive weapons collection included an RPG-26 anti-tank grenade launcher, four prefabricated PG-9 and OG-9 anti-tank missiles and six UZRGM grenade fuzes.

Further part of the weapons collection was five RGD-5 hand grenades, six F1 hand grenades, two FG42 hand grenades, one RKG3 cumulative grenade, and a portable communications device.

It also included more common black market weapons: an AK-74 Kalashnikov rifle, an AKS-74 Kalashnikov, 2,714 cartridges for firearm and 12 magazines for Kalashnikov, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The 44 year old man also handed in one 5,6 mm caliber rifle and rifle barrels compensator, 1 piece of rifle scope, and 1 piece of 5,6 mm caliber gun barrel part.

The ministry has launched an investigation into the case on suspicion of illegal acquiring and possession of weapons.