Nino Giorgobiani, spokeswoman for the State Security Service. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The terror group ISIS threatened Georgia in a video appeal on Sunday recorded in the Georgian language with Russian subtitles.

The intelligence service is examining the clip but have not yet made detailed comments.

Local media have researched the four people depicted in the video and identified them, and say they come from different places in Georgia.

A twelve-minute video appeal was published on several ISIS websites, including the one in Georgian language.

Only two of the four people in the video are talking. They address Muslims in the Adjara region in the southwest part of the country, and “non-believers” or Christians. They call on Muslims to join the so-called caliphate and warn Christians that they must either convert to Islam otherwise be punished by being beheaded.

The State Security Service informed that they are investigating this and other videos and will soon appeal to the court to ban websites promoting ISIS material.

Spokesperson Nino Giorgobiani called on media outlets to stop replication of video-threats.

The video is preceded by the logo of Furat Media, a propaganda channel for ISIS in Russian language.

Georgian media outlets identified one of the appealing persons from video as Khvicha Gobadze, who left Georgia two months ago. He studied at a Muslim boarding school in Batumi and later two years in Cairo. He knows the Quran perfectly as well as Arabic language.

His father Ilia Gobadze said the only goal of the video is to create panic.

“No-one will come and blow us up,” he said. But he also spoke about Muslims in Georgia being harassed and that they cannot live like they have to according to Islamic rules.

“Terrorism is violence, it is not right to murder a person, but God granted Muslims the right to fight if you are being attacked for your religion, property and homeland. No one fights us, but they do not allow us to construct a mosque, they nailed the head of pig on our prayer house. This doesn’t justify the decision of my son, but I speak of my pain,” he said.