TBILISI, DFWatch–A man who died of swine in Georgia on Saturday did not suffer from any other disease. But there is no reason to panic, authorities say.

“Unfortunately, we had one case when the virus resulted in the death of an almost healthy person, who didn’t have any chronic disease,” spokesperson for the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Khatuna Zakhashvili told the television station Rustavi 2 on Sunday.

The NCDC spokesperson said there is no reason for people to panic, as thousands have already fought off the virus and are now healthy. However, the virus was lethal for some who had other chronic diseases.

She said it is important that people who feel ill quickly get treatment and that persons with the flu avoid going outside.

Some schools were closed for three days last week because of the virus but will reopen on Monday.

The infection rate in Georgia is now estimated to be 350 cases per 100,000 persons, still lower than the 500 per 100,000 threshold for declaring it an epidemic.