TBILISI, DFWatch – The opposition Christian Democratic Movement blames the government of having adopted a law which discriminates against women.

Representative of the Christian Democrats Magda Anikashvili said this on March 13 at a parliament session.

She says that before one could say that Georgian legislation was neutral in regards to gender and there was no clear discrimination; but according to the bills which were reviewed Tuesday, it can be said that this neutrality is violated.

Anikashvili criticized a government initiative which will mean that women receive 140 lari in pension only after reaching 67 years of age.

According to the current legislation, men receive pension after becoming 65 year old, and women from the age of 60. But the new package, which is 140 laris in total and includes a medical insurance, both men and women will receive pension after reaching 67.

To solve this problem, the Christian Democrats made three proposals.

Specifically, according to the initiatives, women will receive 140 lari pension packages after becoming 62. In addition, the initiative foresees extending maternity leave and assistance for those pregnant. Child delivery should be free for women in need and the government should also cover expenses for treatment of complications.