Opposition billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili announced the names of 12 more candidates for paliament for his Georgian Dream movement. Who shall represent Tbilisi is still not decided. (GD.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – Saakashvili’s main competitor Bidzina Ivanishvili has named 12 more majoritarian candidates to stand for election from regions outside of Tbilisi.

The Georgian Dream coalition has until now named 40 majoritarian candidates. The rest, including Tbilisi, will be announced in two days’ time.

Ivanishvili said this at a briefing in Georgian Dream’s office.

According to Georgian legislation, 73 majoritarian candidates should be elected in the country as a whole. Ten out of them are to be representing the capital Tbilisi.

The list of the new candidates is following – Gurjaani – Manana Berikashvili, Doctor of Arts and Sciences. She is a daughter of well-known Georgian actor Givi Berikashvili; Telavi – Economist Gela Samkharauli; Abasha – Construction Engineer Irakli Sabulua. He has been project manager of oil-construction of Baku-TbilisiCeyhan; Senaki – a writer Guram Odisharia, Poti – a lawyer Eka Beselia, Lentekhi – Economist and Businessman Gia Gazdeliani, Batumi – politician Murman Dumbadze, Keda – lawyer Davit Ananidze, former Prosecutor at Batumi city, Chair of Keda regional court and Judge at Adjara Court; Kobuleti – mathematician Pati Khalvashi, Shuakhevi – a writer and professor Shota Zoidze, Khulo – Zia Saginadze and agronomist Rostom Khalvashi in Khelvachauri.

Ivanishvili says candidates were chosen by participation of all subjects in the coalition. He also added that he personally makes decisions on this, but agrees on it with members of the coalition.

The reason he had to explain this is that there have been rumours that a controversy arose within the coalition during the selection process. In addition, candidates in Tbilisi have not yet been named. Ivanishvili says it is really hard to make a decision but hopes he will be able to name all candidates on July 19.

During the briefing, the businessman said the coalition’s next rally will be held in the port city Batumi on August 5, 2012. It will be the sixth rally held by a coalition in the regions. The first rally was held in Tbilisi on May 27.