TBILISI, DFWatch — The physical harassment and psychological pressure against the district election commissions is continuing.

Activists from the Georgian Dream party, which won the parliamentary election last week, are now accused of harassing local authorities in Marneuli and abusing election commission members verbally and physically.

Observers from International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) and Transparency International Georgia (TIG) say there is pressure against members of the District Election Commission (DEC), and claim it is revenge for political reasons.

ISFED, GYLA and TIG condemns the cases of violence in Marneuli.

“The deputy of governor and his driver were physically abused. The driver is at hospital now. The governor of Marneuli says he was physically abused, too,” a statement by the organizations reads.

The TV channel Rustavi 2 reported that five employees are being treated at a local hospital after having been beaten.

The governor of the region says activist from Georgian Dream demanded that employees leave the building and claimed that they were representatives of the winning party.

Tamaz Enukidze, head of Georgian Dream in Marneuli, claims that what took place was a personal confrontation. He denies that the governor was beaten and says that their representative is injured.

According to the Central Election Commission, physical and psychological pressure continues against the district commission’s members and chairman.

A drunk clergyman who was unsatisfied with the election results verbally abused Imedo Latsabidze, the head of Number 35 DEC of Khashuri and then tried to crush him against a car on October 7.

Imedo Latsabidze complained to the police. He says that Georgian Dream does not trust the administration and that it is violating the employees’ rights.

The Central Election Commission condemns the violence against employees and calls on everybody to not disturb the work of election officials.

Georgian Dream members deny the charges.

The organizations call on party leaders to prevent violation by their activists and maintain a calm, fair environment for the post-election process.