TBILISI, DFWatch – German media reports that Georgians are among the suspects in a bust against shop-lifters in the city of Bielefeld in Germany.

The suspects are Georgian and Ukrainian. Several people have been convicted.

A man of about 29 from Ukraine stole perfume worth € 61.95 from Dior on June 9 at about 17:00 p.m. It is suspected that he was living illegally in Germany. He was taken into custody.

The same day it was reported by witnesses that a man first stole a shoulder bag from C&A, then a pair of nail scissors and sunglasses from Galeria Kaufhof. According to German media, he used a pair of scissors to cut off the price tag of goods. He was accompanied by another man, but when they were about to leave, detectives approached them and they were handed over to the police.

The two men are Georgian asylum seekers about 28-29 years old who are both residents of Bielefeld. Police started a search for two other Georgians, who also are asylum seekers. They believe all four were involved in coordinated robberies in the city.

The same day, on June 9, two other Georgians aged 20 to 26 were suspected of shoplifting. They several times in one day visited two pharmacies in the city and stole cosmetics, creams and perfumes, worth a total of € 1000. Both were arrested.