Davit Zalkaniani. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–There will not be opened election precincts in the Russian Federation for Georgia’s presidential election on October 27.

Davit Zalkaliani, First Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, told journalists that there are a number of difficulties involved when opening precincts in Russia: Georgia doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Russia, and opening election precincts requires the sorting out of many organizational issues, including security issues.

“In addition, in the last [Georgian] election conducted in Russia, in 2003, only 5 000 people were registered,” he said, adding that millions of people won’t be able to vote because the nearly one million Georgians who live in Russia have Russian passports and citizenship, while voting requires having a Georgian passport and registering at the Georgian consulate.

Election precincts will also not be opened in Moldova, Romania and Jordan.

Zalkaliani explained that there was not gathered the required number of election commission members in these countries. He also said that the number of Georgian citizens in these countries is too small.

“Our consulate did its best to collect the necessary people, but unfortunately they didn’t manage it.”