Tobacco Control Alliance demonstrating in Tbilisi in March, 2016. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Lawmakers in Georgia are pondering a blanket ban on smoking indoors which will also cover sports stadiums and all forms of public transport.

If the bill is passed, smoking will be prohibited inside all kinds of buildings, except for private homes, laboratories specialized in tobacco research, penitentiary institutions and remand centers.

The smoking ban will also cover all kinds of public transport.

In mental health institutions and palliative care centers smoking will be allowed only for some infirm or patients whose illness has progressed. Exceptions from the ban will require a special permission from supervisors and will be limited to designated zones completely isolated from the rest of the building or territory, and must have ventilation or a window.

It might also be banned putting tobacco products, its accessories and any tobacco supplies on display on shop fronts, windows, counters or shelves.

The bill will amend the Tobacco Control Act in Georgia and was designed by organizations that are member of the Tobacco Control Alliance. The bill was introduced by Parliament Member Guguli Magradze.

According to the World Health Organization, smoking is responsible for the death of 6 million people per year globally;  600 000 of them are victims of passive smoking.

The prevalence of smoking tobacco products among females aged 15 years and over was 5,7% in Georgia in 2015; among males aged 15 years and over it was 57,7%.

According to the Tobacco Atlas 2014, the number of cigarettes smoked per person per year in Georgia is 1,378.45.