TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia climbs 15 places on Freedom House’s latest list of press freedom around the world.

On the list Freedom of the Press 2013, Georgia is listed as partly free in 96th place with 49 points, up from 111th place and 52 points the year before.

The US-based human rights group rates countries according to a 100-point system, where the countries that have less than 30 points are categorized as free, countries with less than 60 points are partly free and those with from 61 to 100 points are considered not free.

The report comments on the 2012 parliamentary election in Georgia.

“By contrast, more balanced and open media coverage prior to electoral contests in Armenia and Georgia helped lead to gains for opposition parties and, in Georgia, a peaceful transfer of power,” it notes.

According to the report, the country has the most significant numerical improvement in its region.

“Georgia, whose score moved from 52 to 49, benefited from increased political diversity in the television market, including through the return of Imedi TV to its previous private owners.”