TBILISI, DFWatch – Givi Targamadze, chairman of Parliament’s Defense and Security Committee, states that the government should use the national security concept as a daily action document.

He made this statement on December 23 in parliament as the National Security Concept was approved. This is the second security concept in the history of the country.

The Georgian National Security Council began working on it at the beginning of 2011 and the document lists all the challenges the country is facing. It will be approved at the end of the year.

Sovereignty and territorial integrity are named as Georgia’s national values in the document; also freedom; democracy and rule of law; prosperity and peace.

The national interests of Georgia, according to the document, are providing sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthening the state institution and the democracy; European and National integration; providing for Georgia’s role as a transit point; providing economic growth; providing national and cultural uniqueness; and demographic security.

According to Georgia’s national security concept, the risk exists of Russian aggression, because the final goal of the Russian Federation in August was not the occupation of Georgian territory and international recognition of marionette regimes; but changing Georgia’s foreign policy direction and the replacement of a democratically elected government through violent means.

The document says that the possibility of conflicts in neighboring counties spilling over into Georgian territory also is a security threats.

It’s underlined that Georgia’s goal is EU integration. There are listed countries which are the priorities for Georgia to strengthen relationships with, specifically, the United States, Ukraine and Turkey.

The concept says that Georgia gives particular importance to cooperation in the South Caucasus. The document remarks that Georgia has traditional good neighborly relations with its neighbors Armenia and Azerbaijan and that a joint approach to regional development is vital.

Despite the barriers, the document says, there is potential for cooperation between the three South Caucasus countries on such issues as working on common measures against international terrorism, organized crime and against drug trafficking. Georgia seeks to deepen the close partner relations with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The state’s goal is taking care to increase the life expectancy and to provide the return of the compatriots living abroad; also strengthening democratic institutions, protecting human rights and freedom, ensuring the rule of law, freedom of speech, opinion, conscience and caring for religious freedom.

Georgia defines the pursuit of prosperity as a fundamental human right. The country creates a free economic environment to provide the prosperity of each citizen; which is expressed in its principle of government, low taxes and a deliberate policy of social behavior.

“The threats to the country are basically the same, but the ways of overcoming them are presented as more and are diverse,” Targamadze remarked after approving the document.

He remarked that the document also reviews the ways of how the actions should conform with the governmental system.

“I think this document will be useful for each government representative as a daily action document,” he added.