TBILISI, DFWatch–A family tragedy has shocked Georgia and brought attention to the problem of violence against women.

It appears that a Georgian man first killed his pregnant wife and then took his own life. The tragic incident unfolded in the village Ochkhamuri, near Kobuleti, a beach resort on the Black Sea.

The woman was pregnant with her ninth child. Her mother says the husband attempted to kill her with a knife a few days ago when he was drunk, but neighbors saved her. The murder took place in the presence of children. One of the children ran to the neighbor and said that their father had killed their mother.

According to the head of the local government, the man cut his wife’s throat. It is unclear what motive there could have been for such a brutal act. Later the same day, the man was found hanged in a tree in a cornfield.

The family is among the socially vulnerable. The government took responsibility for the couple’s eight children and sent them to foster parents and will support them with about 600 lari (USD 360) per child per month.

Also on Thursday, a man killed a woman by stabbing her in the stomach because she didn’t pay him a debt.

Identoba, a non-governmental organization working to protect the rights of minorities in Georgia, said Thursday that 13 women have died due to the same type of violence in the last three months.