TBILISI, DFWatch – EU foreign ministers have issued a paper setting out to integrate Georgia more in the Union.

The paper is a broad review of relations between Georgia and the EU and the country’s security.

It notes that there has been progress in the Eastern Partnership agreement with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, which is a framework for cooperation along the Union’s eastern border aimed at improving human rights and rule of law as well as trade relations with the EU.

The chapter about Georgia underlines the progress made in the negotiations on the Association Agreement between the EU and Georgia, as well as in the direction of negotiations about a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement.

The council notes that Georgia should carry on with its reforms in the trade and trade related spheres.

The EU expresses readiness to open a dialogue concerning visa with Georgia.

“The EU reconfirms its readiness to promote mobility of citizens of Georgia and to take gradual steps, including establishing a two-phased Visa Action Plan, towards a visa-free regime in a secure and well managed environment in due course. Under these conditions, the EU is committed to the shared objective of visa free travel,” the document says.