TBILISI, DFWatch–A car belonging to the European Union Delegation to Georgia ran into a 15 year old boy on Sunday causing his death.

The accident happened 30km away from the capital Tbilisi.

An EU delegation spokesperson confirmed to DF Watch that the driver of the car was in fact a representative of the EU delegation and that the accident took place on a highway.

According to witnesses, an Audi with diplomatic number plates stood on the spot of the accident for a long time, until the police took it away.

Monday, local media reported that the driver of the car was a representative of the EU mission, and that the person didn’t attempt to run away but cooperated with investigators.

DF Watch called the Interior Ministry’s press office, but they declined comment.

Authorities did not put out any information about the accident, despite the fact that the ministry always publishes information about such accident. The ministry website is updated several times a day.

It is unknown whether anyone was detained.

EU Delegation to Georgia confirmed the incident, but did not offer further details as the investigation is in progress and the person who was driving is cooperating with investigators.

The delegation issued a statement expressing its deepest condolences to the family of the victim.

(This article has been corrected. It previously said that the car belonged to the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia.)