TBILISI, DFWatch–The E-60 is closed for heavy vehicles between Chumateleti and Khevi due to ice and heavy snowfall but other vehicles may pass freely.

On the S-3 betwen Gudauri and Kobi near the Russian border, traffic is prohibited for all types of vehicles. Between Aragvispiri and the border to Russia at Larsi, heavy vehicles are prohibited, according to the Georgian Roads Department.

Between Mleta and Gudauri, vehicles without four-wheel drive are required to use snow chains.

On the SH-17 road, heavy vehicles are prohibited from driving in Nakerala Pass, while other types of vehicles can drive freely.

Heavy vehicles are also prohibited on the SH-7 road between Jvari to Ushguli, due to ice and intense snow. On this road section, only cars with four-wheel drive are allowed. Between Lakhamura and Ushguli, vehicles must be equipped with snow chains. There are no restrictions between Zugdidi and Jvari.

The SH-31 is still closed between Nardevani and Rodionovka due to heavy wind and low visibility. The section of road is one of the ways from Tbilisi to the border with Armenia and has been closed for several weeks.