Georgian_wine_CropTBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia’s wine export in the first seven months fell by 46 percent, compared to last year, according to the National Wine Agency.

The agency explains the drop as a result of ‘unstable political economic situation’ in two of the most important countries for wine export: Russia and Ukraine. Wine export to the former has dropped 59 percent, while to the latter it is down 62 percent in the measured period.

In these seven months, Georgia exported wine to 35 states, for the amount of USD 47,589,654. The total number of bottles exported was 16,810,187.

The top destination countries were Russia, as number one, followed by Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Poland.

But wine export also increased to some places in this period: To Kazakhstan by 3 percent, China by 35 percent, Poland  2 percent, Latvia 9 percent, Estonia 19 percent, US 20 percent, Germany 17 percent, Canada 100 percent, Japan 10 percent, France 119 percent and Korea 221 percent.

The most exported wines were Kindzmarauli, a semi-sweet red wine, Mukuzani, a dry red wine and Tsinandali, a dry white wine.

In 2012, 11,241,028 bottles were exported in the first seven months, according to the agency, while in 2013 the number of bottles was 16,124,643 in 2013 and in 2014 31,376,279 bottles. Wine export to Russia peaked last year.