The Georgian Dream coalition won all races for mayors and heads of municipality in the second round of the local elections. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The Georgian Dream coalition won the second round of the local election in every city and municipality, according to preliminary results from Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC).

Davit Narmania, Georgian Dream candidate for Tbilisi mayor, received 72.47 percent of the votes.

His competitor Nika Melia from the National Movement received 27.53 percent of votes.

In the first round of the election, Narmania received 46 percent of votes, while Melia received 28 percent.

Seven candidates for mayor from the Georgian Dream won in various places: In Batumi, Giorgi Ermakov won with 77.29 percent of votes; in Rustavi, Davit Jikia with 64.77 percent; in Mtskheta, Avtandil Nemsitsveridze with 62.99 percent; in Gori, Zurab Jirkvelashvili with 62.23 percent; in Telavi, Platon Kalmakhelidze with 70.61 percent; in Ozurgeti, Beglar Sioridze with 58.9 percent and in Poti, Irakli Kakulia with 72.38 percent.

Georgian Dream won the elections for head of municipality in Khulo with 59.42 percent; in Khoni with 58.23 percent; in Lanchkhuti with 56.12 percent; in Kobuleti with 76.3 percent; in Akhmeta with 59.19 percent; in Tkibuli in 68.81 percent; in Telavi with 70.93 percent; in Martvili with 88.64 percent; in Baghdati with 56.44 percent; in Tianeti with 64.5 percent; in Kvareli with 79.95 percent; in Terkjola with 61.44 percent and in Gori with 66.95 percent.

CEC head Tamar Zhvania said there were no major incidents in Saturday’s election.