TBILISI, DFWatch – A chlorine leak in Tbilisi July 3 has claimed one death as 18 year old Lasha Narimanidze died from poisoning.

The leak happened in the evening from tanks in the Tbilisi suburb Lilo. It poisoned up to 80 people. Lasha Narimanidze was in a serious condition from the beginning. Doctors said he died Tuesday late in the evening.

United Water Supply Company had a contract with Kristali Ltd, which supplied the company with chlorine. United Water Supply Company representatives blamed the leak on Kristali as they were responsible for safety.

The Interior Ministry the day after the incident arrested the director of Kristali Ltd, and he was sentenced to pre-trial detention until he is to face trial in August. He denies guilt.

The Interior Ministry Wednesday released a statement saying that Gocha Kulechishvili had also been arrested. He is chairman of a company called Sentineli GMG.

The Ministry says that the company is one of those responsible for chlorine tank safety.

The company was established in 2008 and provides medical equipment, chemicals, agro-chemicals, and liquid chlorine. Among its partners are the companies Georgian Water and Power, and United Water Supply, but their contract with United Water Supply ended at the end of 2011, when the water company announced a tender and Kristali Ltd won it, taking responsibility for providing chlorine.

The detainee may face from three to five years in prison if found guilty.