Grapes harvested in Georgia. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–81 companies have received and produced the highest amounts of grapes for decades, according to the Agriculture Ministry: 80 097.6 tons of grapes have already been processed this season. Last year, the number was 52 000 tons.

Of Saperavi, one of the most popular grape varieties in Georgia, 25570.8 tons had been processed by September 29, followed by Rkatsiteli – 51660,6 tons, Mtsvane Kakhuri – 1406 tons and other species – 1406.2 tons.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, 79 out of 81 companies are private. The two state owned ones, Gruzvinpromi Ltd and Akura Ltd, account for 15 percent of the total production. They purchased and processed 12479.6 tons of grapes this year.

Last year, the state purchased and processed 65 percent of grapes, according to ministry figures.

The maximum price of Saperavi grapes this year is GEL 2.10 (USD 1.26), which is the variety most in demand. The ministry informs that the private sector is not quite interested in the white grapes from Signaghi and Lagodeghi, and therefore the state companies purchased most of these.

The Saperavi harvest is now over. Daily processing of the variety is about 30-40 tons, and production is still continuing.