The Audit Office monitors the financial activities of political parties. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The State Audit Office wants to fine the political parties Alliance of Georgia’s Patriots, Conservative Party and Georgia’s Way.

The body which monitors the financial activity of political parties claims that Alliance of Georgia’s Patriots didn’t declare donations received April 26-29, in a period when the party received GEL 8,690 (USD 4,950) in donations and didn’t sent appropriate documentation to the office within five days after receiving the donation.

Furthermore, the office claims the party received GEL 47,170 (USD 26,860) in cash during May 8-24, which is a violation of law on political unions of citizens. The Audit Office wants to fine the party GEL 5,000 (USD 3,000).

The Conservative Party April 15, 2014, withdrew GEL 500 (USD 300) from the party’s bank account for unknown reasons, and the party didn’t inform the office about it, which is also a violation.

Georgia’s Way withdrew GEL 400 and later GEL 249 during April 15-23 for unknown reasons and didn’t inform the office about it.

Both parties now risk a GEL 2,000 (USD 1,200) fine.