TBILISI, DFWatch–A transgender woman was attacked in Tbilisi on November 25. The attack happened late at night on Tamar Mepe Avenue.

The target of the attack, Nata, had her nose broken and suffered other facial injuries. She left the hospital on Saturday.

Several online media organizations quoted her recounting that two strangers approached and asked for help finding another transgender woman, but she couldn’t help them.

“They attacked me, beat me and swore at me, shouting that I should die, as I was born like this and because I am transgender,” Liberali quoted Nata saying.

Netgazeti wrote that she was together with a friend, who is also a transgender woman. They managed to call the police, but the attackers left before the police showed up.

An investigation has been launched pursuant to article 125 of the Criminal Code about battery.

The attack happened two days after another transgender woman, Zizi Shekiladze, died in the hospital after being stabbed and beaten in mid-October. She spent several weeks in a coma. The abuser cut her throat with a knife.

On Saturday, friends and activists gathered near the spot where Zizi was attacked and paid tribute to her. Her funeral was held the same day on November 26.

A suspect was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention. He has prior convictions and was serving a conditional sentence.