Three of the killed insurgents have been buried in Pankisi Valley, Georgia. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch – Another so-called saboteur was buried today in a Georgian village, locals say.

Seven corpses have been identified out of eleven liquidated saboteurs, according to the interior ministry. Two of them were Georgian citizens and were buried earlier in the village Duisi in Pankisi Valley.

Journalists report from the village that Bahaudin Baghakashvili, born in Grozny in 1986, was also buried in this village today.

According to the Interior Ministry, he was born in Grozny, and had relatives in Pankisi Valley. Relatives of Baghakashvili say that his relatives arrived from abroad and brought the body.

The Interior Ministry press-office doesn’t officially confirm this information but says an inquest is in progress and information is withheld until it is finished.

Fourteen people died as a result of the operation near the Dagestan section of the Russian-Georgian border. The dead were two law enforcers, one military doctor, and the remaining eleven were, according to the interior ministry, from a group of about twenty ‘saboteurs’. September 1, the ministry denied that there were Georgian citizens among those who were killed, but yesterday it confirmed that two of them Georgian citizens.

Seven corpses have been identified: two Georgians and five Russian citizens. The others that have been identified are DukvakhaDoshuev born in Chechnya,1968, Salam Zaurbekov, born in Chechnya in 1991, KhashievJabrail, born in Ingushya in 1989 and Musa Aduyev, born in Grozny, Chechnya in 1981.