TBILISI, DFWatch – For the second time in a month, there has been a death during police questioning in Georgia.

The Interior Ministry does not say when it happened, only that took place at Gori police station.

Tamaz Jghamadze was asked to come to the police in Gori to be questioned about an argument he had had with his cousin.

“Tamaz Jghamadze had a conversation with a district police officer and before the official interrogation started, he felt ill, after which the ambulance was asked to come to the station. Unfortunately, despite the efforts made by the ambulance crew, Tamaz Jghamadze died,” the statement dated March 24 says.

Eter Makhatadze, who lives in Gori, asked for help from the police after an argument she had with her cousin Tamaz Jghamadze regarding an apartment. The police called her in and questioned her at the police station. This was before Tamaz was asked to come.

“According to the statement made by medics he died due to a heart failure,” the Interior Ministry writes. “An investigation is already launched in connection with the above mentioned incident.”

This is the second death during questioning the last month. On February 27, the Interior Ministry reported the death of Solomon Kimeridze during questioning at the police station in the town of Khashuri. According to the police, Kimeridze fell down the stairs and died.

Opposition politicians and pressure groups consider the official version of suspicious and have requested an independent autopsy and an unbiased investigation. Photos of the corpse and other circumstances indicate that Kimeridze might have been tortured.