TBILISI, DFWatch–While the students at the Agricultural University are waiting to see if their learning institution will get its accreditation back, they are continuing to attend lectures and demonstrating outside the Education Ministry.

Chances are good that the Education Quality Development Center will restore the university’s accreditation when it meets to discuss it on Tuesday, after statements by Education Ministry officials and the minister indicated that all the faults have been corrected.

But the students do not plan to just sit and wait and almost every day have gathered outside the ministry building holding performances as a protest against the decision made March 12 to suspend the university’s authorization.

On Friday, the students organized a human chain holding colorful posters, some of them reading ‘do not take away the right to study’, ‘we condemn injustice’, ‘no to injustice.’

The rally lasted about two hours as the students starting singing a simple melody with the text ‘let us study, minister; you don’t have time to think any more’.

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