(Georgian Tourism Administration photo.)

Almost 5.9 million international visitors arrived in Georgia during 2016, which is 7.9 percent more than in the same period last year, the head of Georgian National Tourism Administration said on Friday.

Out of these tourists (who stayed in the country during 24 hours and longer) constitute over 2.5 million, which is 19.3 percent increase.

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are top countries of origin of international visitors. However, the most increased number of visitors from Iran (+494 percent); India (+216 percent); Saudi Arabia (+118 percent); Israel (+57 percent) and China (+44 percent).

In January-November 2016 more Latvians (+26 percent); Czechs (+16 percent); Lithuanians (+15 percent); Germans (+9 percent) and Poles visited Georgia that in the same period of 2015.