The snow masses have knocked out power supply in south western Georgia. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Batumi, one of the largest cities in Georgia, has been without electricity and heating four days due to a snow storm.

There is still more than one and half meter snow cover in Batumi and the rest of the mountainous Adjara region. Some streets in Batumi are blocked, as well as roads to the mountain villages.

There is only intermittent power supply a few hours a day to Batumi, Khelvachauri and Kobuleti, while some of the mountain villages have been without electricity for four days.

Several transmission poles were damaged by strong wind and snow and are still not repaired, leaving more than 150 000 households without electricity in western Georgia.

“It is a serious problem. Batumi is in fact completely switched off and restoration work is still in progress. We think electricity in Batumi will be restored in a few hours,” Energy Minister Kakhi Kaladze said, adding that he is personally overseeing the repair work.