TBILISI, DFWatch — Georgia’s new government Thursday detained another official from the previous government.

Kakha Getsadze, trustee of Zestaponi, a town in western Georgia, who is also president of the Wrestling Federation, was November 29 detained. He is accused of hooliganism using a gun, causing minor injury on purpose and damaging another person’s property.

The prosecutor’s office published details regarding the case, which took place on May 23, 2011, when a banquet was held to celebrate the victory of football club Zestaponi. The town trustee was also present together with about 30 guests. Kakha Getsadze was then a member of parliament. He got drunk and became aggressive, according to the prosecutor’s office.

He took hold of one of the guests and beat him, and verbally assaulted him, while four other guests tried to calm him down, but he didn’t. Instead he hit one of them in face, who then fell down. Getsadze broke his ankle by hitting with the leg. He also hit another guest in the face resulting in slight injuries.

Afterwards, he approached his car, got a weapon and heat with it back to the car, which belongs to local government administration resulting about USD 900 damage.

Some guests took the weapon from him, while he returned back to the one lying on the ground, and once again hit him on the broken leg.

Thursday, he was detained for the events in 2003. He didn’t make use of a lawyer, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The National Movement considers the detention of Getsadze an example that if someone doesn’t obey the government, they will end up in the same situation.

Mikheil Machavariani, minority representative, held a briefing on Thursday saying that the detainee didn’t hide from investigators, but cooperated and had given a testimony, although he was abroad several times, he returned.

So the minority representatives call the detention part of a political game. The former ruling partly plans to inform the international community regarding this case and hope for local NGO sector to be active.