TBILISI, DFWatch–1 600 workers at the Ferro plant in Zestaponi called off their strike Friday. The strike lasted more than a week, and paralyzed the plant which accounts for 12% of Georgia’s national export.

Management agreed to enter into negotiations and finally a collective contract was signed, which was one of the demand by workers.

According to the agreement, overtime pay will increase 1.5 times and there will be advantages in case of traumas, while bonuses will increase by 8.6 percent.

Management also agreed to rehire two workers who were fired during the strike and those who were on strike will not get their salaries cut as management was threatening earlier.

Irakli Petriashvili, head of the Georgian Trade Unions, and Volodimir Lozinsky, Chair of the Ferroalloy Company, agreed to other social guarantees, but negotiations about this will continue for a month.

Management agreed to almost all workers’ demands, except increasing salaries by 50 percent.

The strike started May 20 and ended on Friday evening as workers started the night shift.