TBILISI, DFWatch—Yuri Vazagashvili was Sunday buried in the village Karapila, near Kaspi, 50 km west of the capital.

He was buried next to his son Zurab, who died in a police operation in 2006 during the Saakashvili regime and became a symbol of the heavy-handed police methods at the time; a “shoot first, ask later” policy which claimed many lives.

The father became a campaigner for justice for the victims of this policy. On January 20, 2015 he was killed by a mine placed on his son’s grave. He was in Karapila in connection with a neighbor’s funeral.

The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating it as premeditated murder. After the tragedy, the interior minister and other officials at the ministry resigned, and several prosecutors asked to be suspended.

The funeral was attended by the prime minister, the defense minister, refugee minister, minister for reconciliation, energy minister, prison minister and parliamentarians.