Employees of electric company Telasi are demanding better pay. (IPN.)

TBILISI, DFWatch — Shortly after the preliminary results of the parliamentary election became known, workers all over th ecountry started demanding to improve their slave-like conditions.

As 3 800 workers are still on strike in the mining town Chiatura, employees of energy company Telasi in Tbilisi are on strike, demanding to get paid for their work and to improve their working conditions.

Telasi is a company which buys and sells electricity and provides related services. It supplies the capital with electricity.

A few days ago, Telasi employees protested against the unexpected firing of 125 employees.

Since Friday morning employees of Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi district branch went on strike demanding appropriate salaries.

Workers claim they have slavery conditions and low salaries, as four months ago amount of salaries were reduced putting employees in difficult situation.

Workers demand to fire Zurab Arsoshvili, recently appointed commercial director of the company as firings started after he came at this post.

Fired employees join the rally. There are several ongoing rallies at different branches of Telasi in the capital.

Zurab Arsoshvili Friday told journalists that employees of Mtatsmina Krtsanisi branch aren’t among those striking, but only former employees protest.

He said those people resigned when new management came to company and no one was illegally fired.

Asroshvili says they suggested to each employee refuse corrupted deals and follow new approaches of the company, but many of them refused and left job place.

But the workers say whole number of employees was fired without explanation for the last two months.

However, Georgia’s liberal labor code allows employees to fire employees any time without giving explanations.