Eka Beselia, head of the human rights committee in parliament. (Interpressnews.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–The percentage of women in local government has remained unchanged for the last fourteen years, according to campaigners.

There are currently 11 percent women in city and municipal assemblies. In the previous period, there were 10 percent women, 11 percent in 2006-2010 and 2002-2006.

Also in the parliament, the share of women is only 11 percent.

Human rights activists are demonstrating in 25 cities and towns all over Georgia on Sunday to demand quotas for women in public office.

Sunday’s demonstrations are part of a ‘Gender Week’ organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Organizers of Sunday’s event say Georgia is 107th among 137 countries in terms of women’s representation in politics.

“Georgian politics lacks the vision and experience of women,” a short video commercial made in connection with the rally claims.

Campaigners demand equality and more women in parliament.

“The Georgian parliament lacks representational democracy, women’s interests are neglected and we are not willing to adjust to the system any longer,” the organizers wrote in an invitation to Sunday’s events.

In Tbilisi, there will be a demonstration starting at Roses Square and moving on to Gudiashvili Square, where there will be held an exhibition and a market of handicraft made by women.

Georgian Women’s Movement, a non-governmental organization which is the organizer of Sunday’s event, was started in October, 2014. Its aim is to fight for gender equality and women’s rights.