military truck with Russian number plate_from facebook

(Photo from Facebook.)

TBILISI, DFWatch–Pictures of two massive Russian trucks parked in Tbilisi went viral on social media Wednesday and made many think that Russian soldiers had paid Georgia an unwelcome visit.

It caused concern among people to see photos of the trucks, which had the distinct look of being military, but the Interior Ministry said that the government is aware of the presence of the trucks and claimed they are private property and have no links to any military.

People in the street started noticing two military-looking trucks with Russian transit plates and, fearing that they were military, spread photos of them on Facebook and in other social  media.

Nino Giorgobiani, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, explained that the ministry has been informed of the trucks and that they do not entail any threat to Georgian interests or the interests of neighboring countries.

She said a private person purchased the trucks in Russia and put on transit plates on them, which prohibits exporting them to a third country.

“The owner of the trucks is identified. The trucks are parked in Tbilisi for second hand usage and to sell as spare parts,” she added.

An advertisement appeared on Tuesday on a popular used cars site, for two Russian trucks priced at USD 9,000. The seller writes that they are in excellent condition and come with spare parts.