TBILISI, DFWatch – The Chamber of Control has started a wave of interrogations in western Georgia.

People are being called in for questioning at local government buildings.

The coalition Choice for Freedom says the letter calling people in for talks does not give any explanation for the questioning, is not sealed nor stamped, doesn’t have a date on it or registration number, nor any exact address of where to show up.

Journalists and lawyers are not let in to these buildings, the coalition says.

It writes that the interrogation is attended by policemen together with representatives of the Chamber of Control and each person is questioned for hours.

The organization has published a letter which was sent to the brother of one of its members.

“We call for the Georgian government, immediately stop illegal actions; and call for international organizations; ambassadors use all the levers to provide the rights and security of media and all citizens.”

Similar stories are being reported from various regions of Georgia. Mostly Republican party supporters are questioned, but also people who don’t have any connection with politics.

The Chamber of Control was December 2011 granted authority to fine organizations or persons in cases of financial fraud or corruption without presenting any evidence.

The purpose of the changes in the law on political unions of citizens was to make the party financing system more transparent.